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"Out of Combat and Overprescribing"

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We don’t have a healthcare system; we have a disease management system”.

With combat operations surpassing 18-years in the Middle East, veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are returning home and appearing in the halls of the local Veterans Affairs Medical Centers to receive outpatient treatments, surgeries and psychological services.

Highlighting mental disorders as a chief complaint in this population resulting in medication administration and maintenance, top mental health diagnoses in this cohort include post-traumatic stress disorder (31.5%), depressive disorders (25.4%), neurotic disorders (24.3%) and polysubstance use disorder (17.3%) and is important to note that the total number of diagnoses will be higher than reported due to dual-diagnosis being coded into “chief complaint” solely.

Veterans represent a particularly high-risk population for illicit substance use and abuse. Chronic pain is a significant problem among veterans and is treated commonly with opioid analgesics. As evidenced above, veterans also have high rates of mental health conditions that further increase the risk for misuse of prescription opiates. With the increasing rates of veteran deaths due to opiate-related overdoses and suicide surpassing any other population, from a healthcare provider perspective it would be beneficial to explore and address non-pharmaceutical forms of symptom relief from aliments this population faces.

We are proud to say here at HunterSeven that the medical team has begun in-depth evidence based research across various sources to dig into alternative therapies and hollistic treatments, beginning with the use of "CBD" - Cannabidiol Oil along side Navy SEALs Jason and Will from Easy Day Hemp. Our end-state goal is to first address the issues veterans face, secondly reroute their avenue of approach in terms of medicine and relaying honest, academically-supported research data on CBD to allow them to make informed decisions at the helm of their healthcare!

Stay tuned for this, it'll be big!

Check out what Will and Jason are doing on Instagram: @EasyDayHemp or online at www.EasyDayHemp.com




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