Adventure Awaits Charity Shirt

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TO DATE: Through sales, we've been able to support a fellow Marine Corps veteran, and Firefighter, Mike, currently battling colon cancer with copayments - currently the total is $3,500!


Lets keep it going! Restocking all sizes on 4/15/2022



On January 13th, our Marine Corps buddy, Robert, aka “Lance” passed away (unexpectedly) from a colon cancer-related infection.

@lance_cooley was misdiagnosed for some years with IBS, anxiety, lactose intolerance, etc. before being diagnosed in his late 30’s with colon cancer.

He served as a crew chief in an Marine medium helicopter squadron, CH-46, based in San Diego, California and completed two tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A few things about this kick ass design by @rockabilly_studio is down to the specific details. Lances squadron - HMM 426 - “Moonlight” stationed at MCAS Miramar and the helicopter model is displayed on the CH-46, over San Diego bay, in the bright moonlight.

The last thing Lance said to our team after an incredible event with the Dallas Cowboys and @veteransuccessgroup was “Life is… amazing, I am living my life, and I’m going to get through this, because… Adventure Awaits”

💙 The shades of blue reflects the color of colon cancer awareness. March is colon cancer awareness month.

So this exclusive shirt printed by @inkifyusa will be used to support the immediate needs of a fellow colon cancer warfighter and current firefighter in the outer Boston area who was just diagnosed recently.