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Founded by Veterans, For Veterans.
Mission First, Veteran Always.
Founded by four military/combat veterans with collectively over 100 years of military service, each with advanced degrees in the medical field and a combined 80+ years in medicine, this veteran-founded team is at the forefront of toxic exposures using evidence-based data and research to provide our fellow veterans with the best care possible.

The HunterSeven Foundation is and will continue to be the basis and forefront leader in evidence-based practice and academic research increasingly involved in Veteran healthcare. While our highly trained and educated volunteer staff excel in leadership, inter-professional education, and provide a valuable contribution to making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

The HunterSeven Foundation will expand its knowledge database and educational resources on post-traumatic stress, depression, substance use recovery and suicide prevention in the veteran population while continuing research on Toxic Exposures. We will strive to strengthen professional and community partnerships to promote significant changes in veteran healthcare. HunterSeven will offer a wide array of educational opportunities and teaching to emerging veteran populations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their local community providers. HunterSeven will continue to be known for embracing research on difficult topics, educating and empowering veterans, and continue to lead the dynamic military and veteran healthcare delivery system locally, nationally and globally.